Tuesday, February 25, 2014

oru sakaptham

Done everything ..

Men mayanakkarai back foot wash highly the plastic chairs to sit after a long day seeing the relatives and talking. Female head bath and wet head around where interested students. Few kaikulantai the ittili feeding there. Someone uncle's manavaram .. now the only thing I know is coming. . thiruvaasagattai heart-warming is playing .. aunt, she is sitting in front of the horror of the maze is where the heart is not known .. ..

Seventy Seventy line .. line .. like a shadow over the nerra estranged uncle holding the hand of his married life will be like .. Who? ... Five sons and grandson and granddaughter .. .. puttan seven people, are locked .. everywhere .. This colonial home They come from more than 60 years .. aunt .. long journey might remember her wedding day ... only a minority of the world of life as it is ..

After the ritual would take to go to a box elder. Nayanmars heart melt when the home will be singing songs
An attraction for small children and singing along .. so ..

Pluck the flowers that will bring a lot of prayers for children ..

Hail Hail Nathan Namasivaaya low ..
என்று சொல்லிக்கொண்டு பூக்களை அர்ச்சிக்கும் போது கண் மூடாமல் பார்த்து கொண்டு இருப்பார்கள்.எனக்கும் கூட தேவாரத்தின் சில வரிகள் இப்போதும் மனதில் ஓடி கொண்டு இருக்கிறது என்றால் அது இந்த மாதிரி பூஜையை பார்த்து மனதில் பதிந்தது தான்..

Meditation is a full one and a half hour of prayer Kanagabishekam .. on .. he's reading habits seventy years Nayanmars schoolchildren sang in unison is still olittukkontu ears ..
Nayanmars enough to melt the heart of his death today, they sang songs by heart ennovo ...
Aunt could not imagine how it would be ..
Tomorrow everyone will try to finish their house thing ..
The wooden clock when alone in bed only hear the sound of the moving bristles ..
Keep in mind that acaipota old memories ..
Setu umavum Senthil running with running games .. also .. Kasi kayalum Hariyum crawl away into the back of the watch .. Mala did not know where she has gone? ...
Uncle, is seen playing with a quiet smile and ...

Ramalingam an impressive brick colonial house built with stones Only?

Prayer which goes to town